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We love to get lost in the world of You Tube. In fact, in the world of beauty you can often discover new products, ways to use them and creative styles that can inspire. At www.ADiscountBeauty.com we like to feature our newest and brightest products for you to watch. So stay tuned as we update new lines (and some beauty favorites from the past) and perhaps you will find just what you have been looking for. Remember, beauty products are no longer considered just for women, in fact a growing number of men (now 40% of our customers) are indeed gentleman. We hope that American Discount Beauty Supply can offer you suggestions for everyone in your household. So please enjoy our latest "vignettes" and we hope you will enjoy these short descriptive video sketches.

Big Sexy Hair was not invented by Big Sexy Hair concepts but they have certainly had a hand in briging it back. In fact, Big Sexy Hair has now invited Marilyn to be their cover girl. It is easy to see why. Big Sexy Hair concepts is not for the weak at heart. Get ready to enjoy your volume, shake your curls and enjoy turning a few heads! From hairspray, to mega firm holding gel and volume root booster. Big sexy hair can really be yours.

Finally, they is someone who REALLY knows about treating curling hair correctly. Deva Curls is just the line of hair care you want to use if your hair is naturally curly or permed. This line of shampoos, treatments and styling products will have you wonderfing why you ever abanoned your curls to a flat iron. Embrace your curly hair with Deva Concepts Hair Care and shake what the Good Lord gave you!

Hayashi hair care has been taking your 911 calls for the past 20 years! Hayashi hair care is designed for damaged, dry and over treated hair, and is the line most professionals reach for in a emergency. Hinoki is for thinning fine hair that just can't seem to catch a break. Together, this Japanese line of speciality hair care never fails to surprise their fans.

Babyliss Appliances are always the front runners in new innovation and design when it comes to hair dryers, flat iron and styling tools to curl hair. Now with their new MiraCurl curling iron they have taking another step towards making styling easyier and fun. The Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Miracurl Professional Curl Machine is the first of it's kind. MiraCurl is the first, fully automatic curling iron in the world and it will curl your hair in less than half the time. Now that is something to get excited about!

Ever wonder what all the fuss about CHI hair care, hair color and flat irons was all about? That can only come from someone who has never dove into the CHI-Farouk beauty pool of goodies. From their famous and popular line of silk infused shampoos, treatments and serums, to their most beloved Biosilk and newest addition of CHI Royal Treatments, CHI is an obvious leader in professional hair care. CHI is never standing still, discovering new ways to help everyone look and feel their most beautiful.

MOP Organic hair care comes to us from "Jolly Old England" and was producing organic beauty care products since before most of us were even born. Tested and reformulated until it could stand, toe to toe against the others. MOP, has proved time and time again that beautiful hair care can be achieved naturally and still perform substantially better!

Sojourn Hair Care was developed by beauty royality Elon Sassoon, son of Vidal Sassoon. Chemistry for perfect hair, Sojourn is coming soon!

Have you ever wondered what can one of those fancy looking brushes could do for your hair that your dime store one could'nt? Then it is really time to give one a twirl. Ergo Blow Dry Brush Collection will win you over. Not only are these brushes designed to help you style your hair more professionally, but they also are made to be easier on your wrists. Find out how great a professional brush can work for you with Ergo designer hair brushes.

When we started to get requests for VoCÊ hair care, we didn't even know how to pronouce their name! Now we see the total concept of  VoCÊ hair care is to offer the best solution for artful hair designed. Created by the master, celebrity hair stylist Kaz Amor, it quickly rose to the top of the beauty insiders list of favorites. This line is made of super user-friendly styling and haircare products that are simple, clean, and offer superior performance with flawless results.

Men and Women around the world will be excited to see the difference that Fill-In Powder can make to the appearence of your hair. Even skeptics can no longer ignore the beautiful results you can achieve with this light powder that blends your thinning spots into a thicker appearing head of hair. Undetectable when appled, users are no longer embarrassed by thinning spots and widening parts. Fill-in hair thickener is magic!

Last night I dreamed of dancing through tall stalks of lavender in the South of France and falling knee deep in the fragrant fields. That is the same sensation you will get with PRÉ DE PROVENCE soaps and bath products. Take a moment to Pamper yourself each day with these soaps, lotions, balm and bath bubbles made with the finest natural ingredients or the purest oils, shea butter and herbal extracts. All made in France.

Your grandmother wore them and now the look that was once reserved for Boogy Woogy dance parties and rockabilly wear is so popular, we can hardly keep up with the demands. What are we talking about? Hair foundations and rats! Have you ever wondered how the models in the pages of the fashion magazines get those perfect buns and chignons? Well we have the answer and it is easier than you think. Just place, roll and pin for the perfect hair style. So whether your looking to add volume or just lead a hand to your up do...Hair foundations and Hair Rats are the perfect tool.

Has your guy heard the news? November is now the time to start growing a Moustache! Not only are moustaches back in vogue, but men are finding a way to turn this old time look into a new time fund raising event! For the month of "Movember" men are working to raise awareness and a cure for prostate and testicular cancer by signing up for a moustache-growing team at  us.movember.com So ladies, get ready for a few prickly kisses and to keep those hairs in place and neat, grab a tube of Clubman wax. After all, a sexy moustache is a neat and well trimmed one!

Since I was a little girl I have lived with a large scar above my lip, caused by a rather dangerous dog at the age of three. I have always tried to accept the scar as part of my "charm" but one  as I was unpacking a shipment of dermablend, I couldn't help but be curious if this line of make-up, formulated to have extra coverage, could really make a life long scar blend in. Now I know wht Dermablend gets two thumbs up from the American Association of Dermatologists. No other make-uo has ever come close to the type of coverage and wearability that Dermablend provides. There is no cakey coverage either! My high praises to this excellent make-up line that can take on even the largest of issues and make them disappear. Bravo Dermablend!

"Who hates blow drying your hair...raise your hands!" I always feel there is so much more I could be doing with my time. But now, there is the Pro Styling Stand to take away the burden. Just attach any dryer to this tand and your hairs are free to finger style or simply to hold your brush in place. You gave even take a sip of coffee without the fear of your dryer falling off the counter top as you move around. Sometime technology is not so bad...I just kick myself that I didnt think of it first! Perfect hair styling without all the work.

Bald is sexy. Not the comb over, Donald Trump type of bald, but the real man type of bald who has confidence with his clean, shaven head. Headblade celebrates this look and is the innovator of the Headblade razor, Headlube and Headslick skincare products. Take good care of your scalp, and no one will care if there is hair or not!

Goldwell Topchic hair color is the number one biggest selling professional hair color in the world, and that did not happen by accident. Goldwell has lead the way in luxury hair care for over 30 years, by creating optimum conditioning colors and natural shades. They just swish their magic wands and "poof"unwanted grey hair is gone. No wonder why professional hair stylist's trust their reputations to Topchic.

Betty Dain does it again. Her line of Artist Choice make-up applicators and tools make appling make-up quickier and easier. From amzing blending make-up sponges, to disposable mascare wands that lengthen and seperate, these tools make you look like your make-up was applied by a professional. If you want the job done, use the right tools! Artist Choice makes me feel like an artist!


Thank Heaven for little girls, without them what would ADiscountBeauty.com do?